Bistro Meal Prep Sunday

Today, Phil and I had quite a lazy Sunday for the most part. We watched some YouTube videos and had some thin crust pizza. It was kind of nice for a change. We’ve been on the go so much lately that a nice lazy Sunday was just what the anti-social doctor ordered. Since Phil goes back to work tonight, I decided to make myself some quick grab and snack light lunches for the week after I got his lunch ready. I know… Typical cliche chick making a sandwich for a man. Lol.

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 11.07.25 PM

I typically model them after Starbucks bistro boxes, since I just love the protein box they have. They have been a huge inspiration for me. I even reuse the containers that I collected over time when I was working and needed to grab a quick, healthy, nutritious lunch. So It’s even good for the environment. Yay, me! I love adding different things to them as well so that they don’t get boring. Variety is the spice of life. Anyone who knows me knows that I really love food.

This time, I am challenging myself to use up a lot of the food on hand, so that means leftovers, veggies, fruit (if I have it and haven’t eaten it all), salads, etc.


I boiled some eggs (the real extent of the prep went into this), cut up some veg, popped in some dressing, cheese, hummus, crackers, etc. and arranged in the bistro box. I also had a quinoa and kale salad that I put in there for some sweetness. Very delicious! *Sorry the pic is a little dark – it was 10 pm when I decided to get moving on this!

Some other ideas to add to these boxes could include:

  • Chicken strips (from roasted chicken)
  • beef roast
  • pulled pork leftovers
  • mini naan or flatbread
  • mixed veg
  • mixed fruit
  • peanut butter
  • hummus
  • crackers
  • boiled eggs
  • homemade egg salad
  • rice
  • 3 bean salad
  • cheese
  • various salad dressings for dips
  • quinoa
  • almond/other nut butter

Whatever you love or have on hand can easily be substituted for what I used. However, an important note, if you’re a 3-R person like me and reuse containers, watch out for ones that can’t go in the microwave. The ones from Starbucks are not meant for that, so if you’re interested in making some requiring foods to be heated, better to grab a bento box (or 2) that is microwave safe. I was in Chapers the other day and spied this one from monbento. Super convenient and compact for taking with you!

What ingenious ways have you found to make eating healthier easy for you? Are there foods that you always have on hand to make snacking a better option? Let me know!

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