The Magical Fruit – Strawberries!

We all know that strawberries (and other berries in general) are so good for you, with anti-oxidants and vitamins and minerals in every juicy bite. But did you know that you can use them to treat acne? Neither did I – until I did some research and got to the other uses of these yummy berries (other than for strawberry-rhubarb pies).

(from Ayushveda)

Strawberries are delicious! There is nothing like going out and snacking on freshly picked ones in the early summer. I was so luck to grow up on a small island where they grew wild. Let me tell you now. Wild ones are EVEN BETTER than the ones you get in a store. They are pretty rare now though – even in the places they were when I was a kid. I didn’t know how lucky I was to go up on the hill by my house and pick butter tubs full of tiny ORGANIC strawberries. And they are tiny! The “biggies” as I called them were only about 1.5 cm in diameter – barely wider than my pinky finger! But imagine, if you will, the flavour – ALL of the flavour you would have in one of those massive cultivated strawberries was concentrated in that tiny space.  Un. Freaking. Real. A good post about them is this Q&A where they explain the types – and I thought the white ones (with pink seeds) were just unripe bt somehow so delicious. Turns out, they’re a different kind!! This is the pic from that article:

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 1.18.25 PM

If you can find these berries anywhere, EAT THEM. You will never want any of those big strawberries ever again.

But I digress. They are more than just food! They do double-duty all over your body, and here’s how.

Strawberries contain alphy-hydroxy acids as well as salicylic acid. Do these names remind you of skin creams and acne treatments? They should! Alpha-hydroxy acids are used for anti-aging treatments ALL THE TIME (I even have a face mask) and salicylic acids are used to treat acne. You may remember them from your Oxy Pads in 8th grade.

So, here are some uses for strawberries other than as yummy foods:

Anti-Aging Treatment – Strawberries also contain ellagic acid, which has been shown to treat various causes of aging – namely wrinkles and inflammation (see puffy eyelids).

From Science: “dietary and pharmacological interventions with berries rich in ellagic acid may be promising treatment strategies interrupting skin wrinkle and inflammation associated with chronic UV exposure leading to photo ageing.”

Wonderful!! I love anti-aging ANYTHING.

They can also be used to treat age spots and sunburns by mashing them up and applying to the face like a mask. Just be sure you wash it iff after 15-20 mins.

Foot Treatment – Making a scrub with strawberries is useful for making those little tootsies smooth by getting rid of a lot of dead skin. There are amazing recipes online such as this one from A Girl’s Gotta Spa!


Acne Treatment – Salicylic acid is in every single acne treatment you can buy. It is also in these yummy berries! Just make a mask like these ones from Bellatory!

Puffy Undereye Circles – A couple of slices of strawberries under the eyes for 10-12 minutes will reduce those bags under your eyes. Now, just add some Enya or Kenny G while doing this in a nice bubble bath, and you’re de-stressing your bags away!

Toner – When all else fails, grab a berry, slice it in half, and rub on your face. It is a great toner that doesn’t need a recipe as well!

I definitely recommend buying ONLY organic strawberries. These little babies have replaced Apples as enemy number 1 on the Dirty Dozen list this year.


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