Egg and Avocado Toast

I got an amazing new cookbook by Gweneth Paltrow this Christmas that really focuses on the benefits of clean eating and feeling great. I kind of love the simplicity of some of the recipes. I have yet to try any of them “full on” yet, but I saw that she loves Avocado Toast. This recipe isn’t really a recipe per se, but just a generally soothing creamy toasty concoction of Veganaise, avocado slices, and something a lil extra for some zip, like red chilli flakes or lemon.

Avocado is one of those foods that kind of goes with everything since it only has a slight flavour on its own. What makes it so amazing for me is the creaminess it adds due to its high fat content. Now we’re not talking about just any kind of fat here – we’re talking heart healthy unsaturated fats and omega-3s!

I absolutely LOVE eggs. I love them at any time of day, but especially ay breakfast with some nice toast. Usually I have a nice whole grain bread to eat these little bundles of protein and vitamins with, but today I only had (gasp!) white Italian loaf.

So here it is: My recipe for a heart healthy, protein packed breakfast. It is very versatile and extremely open to modifications, so it’s a great place to add your own favourite flavours!

Avocado and Egg Toast

Makes 1-2 servings

  • 2 boiled eggs
  • 2 sliced Italian loaf (or other bread of choice)
  • 1/2 an avocado
  • salt and pepper to taste

I say

  1. Begin by lightly toasting bread under a broiler
  2. Cut avocado into thin slices
  3. Cut eggs into slices
  4. Spread avocado on toast and apply egg slices on top
  5. Top with a pinch of salt (or two turns of a mill) and freshly ground pepper to taste
  6. Serve with fresh fruit

I actually did not add any salt to this recipe, though that was just my personal decision. Cutting back on salt in foods really makes them more heart healthy. And I say 1-2 servings depending on your hunger level/plans for the day. If you’re going to be really busy or planning to do some strength training os intense cardio definitely have both slices. If you’re just chilling at home, you might only want one slice. The fat and protein should keep you nice and full until lunchtime and the fruit will satisfy that sweet tooth. Enjoy!

Tip: Add a strip of turkey bacon (or two) to this open faced breakfast sandwich as well for some smoky flavour that you might miss from bacon.

Tip: Add tomato slices and feta cheese to a scrambled egg instead for a tangy and salty take on the recipe. Eggs with feta and tomato are amazing – definitely one of my favourite combinations!!


This is such a simple and versatile recipe! You could make it into more of a sweet than savoury affair if you choose as well, by serving avocado topped with strawberries and drizzled with honey or molasses for a little sweet kick. Serve this with an egg on the side to up the protein (along with B and D vitamin boost from that lil yolk) or some Greek yogurt and you’re in business!

I LOVE poached eggs too, so when I saw this recipe over at Pinch of Yum, I HAD to share! 🙂

Any more ideas for jazzing up this little breakfast combination? What are your favourite flavours at breakfast time?  

Amazing breakfast courtesy of Pinch of Yum!
Amazing breakfast courtesy of Pinch of Yum!

Happy toasting!!


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