5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight and Gain Health

I know, I know…another list of things to do that will help me get to my #goals faster – blah blah. Nope! Just some basics that we should ALL be doing to be healthier. They just have a common side effect of keeping those lbs in check!

There are a lot of times that a personalized approach is paramount to getting healthy and weight loss. People just tend to have different needs, that’s all. BUT, we are all people, so we’re definitely bound to have some things in common, right?? Totally.

So this post is just the regular, run of the mill, common requirements that we all have as human beings to make sure we’re in tip top health!

Health Hacks to Help Lose Weight:

  1. Drink Water!!! Oh please, drink your water people!!! I cannot stress how important it is to make sure you are hydrated. The simple reason is that our bodies need water. Everything our body does underneath is a chemical reaction – and it won’t happen in a dry environment, just like a fire won’t light without a spark. You’ll need to work yourself up to the level for you.
  2. Sleep – Definitely, we need to sleep. We need to sleep. None of this “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” business that I know we’ve all said in the past while we were busy. Aim for about 7-8 hours a night. And because we all know that Harvard people are smart, here are their tips to improve sleep hygiene: Harvard Sleep Hygiene Tips.
  3. Eat Your Veggies. When did I become my parents?? I can’t believe I say these types of things – 8 year old me would be losing her little mind! But seriously, eat veg. Eat LOTS of veg. You should be aiming for filling half your plate with veggies for best results, and I don’t mean potatoes. For real, there’s a site and everything to give you ideas so it doesn’t get stale. Who doesn’t LOVE Huevos Ranceros and Waffles?? #halfyourplate.
  4. Move it! Move more – it’s not rocket science, I know, and I’m sure you’ve heard this before. However, it doesn’t even need to be much more at the beginning – we’re not talking a 5K or anything. Maybe take your dog for a walk around the block? Take the stairs instead of the escalator. Have a walking meeting at work. There are definitely sneaky ways to move your body a little more even if you’re lazy* like me! *DISCLAIMER – I do not recommend doing any exercise in the shower
  5. Don’t overdo it. Portion control gets a bad rap sometimes, and this one is closely related to #3 in that veggies should be #halfyourplate. There are so many easy ways to limit food volume and gorging, and this list is just some of them. A neat hack I learned in Psychology was to eat from blue plates (since blue tends to suppress appetite) and use specific cutlery.

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