Let’s start this thing with a SPLASH! I can’t wait to get going and share all that I know about nutrition and healthy living. Whether it’s tips and tricks (or hacks) that help to curb hunger or advice for new happy, healthy, habits, this will be where it’s at! Over the course of this project, I’m going to be tirelessly searching for new (and not-so-new) ways to become the best we that we can be!

You are what you eat, so what goes in shows on the outside. Health can be seen through many markers, but my main marker is a glow – an aura of visual health and wellbeing that everyone can see instantly. That means colour in the cheeks, smile on the face, and peace in the interaction. There are other, more scientific, measurements of health that are important as well, but if the aura is one of health, you can bet that those things are in the right range!

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me. Stepping outside a comfort zone and trying something new is exciting and scary all at once, but TOTALLY amazing! I hope that the resources here will be invaluable to your journey as well to become healthy without getting all hangry!! Cheers!

Allison 🙂


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